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The Last House Standing is a documentary film to educate and inform the public about the safety and security of building homes the right way.  Houses that don't blow away, burn down or rot from flooding. You always want to be The Last House Standing.
We have lost our ability to effectively communicate with each other.  If we can’t find common ground in our conversations and debates, the future is bleak for all of us. We Can’t Talk Anymore explores the communication decline and carves out a path to repair the breakdown and bring us back to civility.
License to Parent
We need a license to drive a car, catch a fish, open a business, and even get married. But one of the most important jobs in the world requires no licensing or certification at all: being a parent. License to Parent, the first film from the nonprofit startup Move the World Films, is an award-winning documentary that offers insight into this troubling issue and presents a path to the end of bad parenting.  The one-hour film is now available for free to parenting groups worldwide.
One of the many powerful stories shared in License to Parent is that of child advocate Blue Hess. “When I was with my biological family, both my biological parents and their extended family abused and neglected me and my siblings,” Blue recalls. “They had drug abuse problems, alcohol problems. And at that time I didn't understand that it was wrong, 'cause I just always grew up with it and I always expect—expected that other kids at school were going through the same things. And it wasn't until someone spoke out and got me removed from the family that I was kind of blown away by the extent of the things that were allowed to happen for such an extended period of time.”
What sets License to Parent apart from other films about child abuse is the focus on the damage bad parenting does to children while providing viewers with a game plan to extricate our most vulnerable citizens from their plight.  The plan is easy to implement and affordable.
While every person has a right to bear children, License to Parent advocates that every child has a right to a safe home.  And because parenting is the most important job in the world, it is time that society started treating it as such.