Help us move the world

Telling a story through ​film is a great way to highlight a problem and show solutions. Move the World Films is improving the world, one film at a time. Your contribution will help us leverage impactful storytelling to raise awareness of pressing social issues and to show the average person how he or she can make a difference.

All donations will be retroactively
tax deductible when we receive
our 501c3 approval late summer/early fall 2018. 
As a small nonprofit organization, we are able to keep the cost of production reasonable, tell a powerful story, and motivate action. Our first film  License to Parent is about parenting, the most important job in the world, with no requirements to do it. In fact, by the time social services steps into a bad situation, it’s likely gone on for years and left damage that will last a lifetime. We told several stories of bad parenting and offered solutions to help lessen the problem. We are working on getting the film distributed, and will make it available to organizations and groups that want to screen the film to advance the cause of improving parenting.

Our next project in development is Failing Families. With the high rate of divorce and a large number of broken homes in this country, the family structure is eroding, leading to a generation of young people who have no strong foundation in their lives.  Large numbers of divorces are taking a toll on the family unit.

According to Child Trends, “Among young children, those living with no biological parents, or in single-parent households, are less likely than children with two biological parents to exhibit behavioral self-control, and more likely to be exposed to high levels of aggravated parenting, than are children living with two biological parents.  Children living with two married adults (biological or adoptive parents) have, in general, better health, greater access to health care, and fewer emotional or behavioral problems than children living in other types of families."

Failing Families will explore the deteriorating state of family and the effects it has on young people.  And we will highlight the importance of public policies and social service organizations that promote the health and preservation of a child's birth family. Additionally we will provide segments of the film to groups that can benefit from this action, as well as promoting the subject on social media. The final version of the film will be available to groups that can benefit from improving this issue.